A Little Bit About What We Do ... 


91 Sound Studios is an independently owned production company. It is conveniently located in the heart of Los Angeles minutes away from Hollywood, where all the action is! 

We are a young and motivated Los Angeles recording studio crew who produces top-quality creative work.

At 91 Sound we pride ourselves on top quality work. The in-house studio engineers, producers and session musicians are an experienced crew with unfathomable skill and creative tenacity in their music production. The recording studio’s staff and engineers are eager to not only take a client’s track or album to the next level, but are motivated to help them with their larger creative goals.

We care about YOUR vision and that is why we offer comprehensive creative services, community, and collaboration opportunities. There are thousands of recording studios in Los Angeles, but when people come to us they are always blown away by our relentless work ethic, and devotion to perfection. This firm determination to make your creative ideas come to life in the best way possible is what keeps our clients coming back to us! We don't just make music here at 91 Sound, we make your dreams come true. 

Our talented producers, session musicians and engineers are here to assist YOU in getting YOUR song exactly the way YOU want it to be.

At 91 Sound we know how to get things done right, and we know how to have a great time while doing it as well! 

We would like to hear from you! Are you looking to book our session musicians for your next project? Do you need a recording space or do you just need your already recorded songs mixed and mastered? Well, we have it all! Just head over to the contact page and send us a message and we'll get in touch with you right away and be one step closer to achieving your goal!